Endorsements of NO vote on 19

CHOICES NOT DISTRICTS has been endorsed by the Municipal League, better known as the ‘Muni League.’

Other familiar names include:

  • Larry Phillips, King County Council member (Magnolia); it takes courage for an incumbent elected by districts to endorse our side.  Thank You, Councilmember Phillips.
  • Jim Street, former City Council member (Capitol Hill)
  • Krist Noveselic, who was bassist with the popular band, Nirvana.  He has long been involved with election reform and is on the board with Fair Vote, a national, non-partisan, election watch-dog group (though this endorsement comes from Krist, personally, and should not be misconstrued as an endorsement from Fair Vote, which does not have endorsement status).

[Community residents who oppose districts listed below …]

Here are more people who endorse the NO vote on districting.  We thank you for letting us post your names:

  • Charles Bagley, Queen Anne resident
  • Nancy Bagley, Queen Anne resident
  • Sally Bagshaw, Downtown resident
  • Karma Bradley, Rainier Valley resident
  • Herb Bridge, Downtown resident
  • Nancy Eitreim, Mt Baker resident
  • Barbara Evans, Co-founder Poets West
  • J. Glenn Evans, Co-founder Poets West
  • Jody Grage, Ballard Community leader
  • Andy Noel, Queen Anne Resident
  • Margaret Okamoto, Queen Anne resident
  • Marjorie Rhodes, writer, Maple Leaf resident
  • Robert Rhodes, Rainier Valley resident
  • Herm Ross, Licton Springs resident
  • Ann Sandstrom, First Hill resident
  • Wayne Sandstrom, First Hill resident
  • Barbara Sarason, LakeCity resident
  • Steve Selter, Maple Leaf Resident
  • Nancy Smith, Downtown resident
  • Lucy Steers, Mt Baker resident
  • Cary Thomas, West Seattle resident
  • Art Waller, Maple Leaf resident
  • Laura Wells, Laurelhurst resident
  • Reid Yamamoto, Laurelhurst resident



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